ABC Calls Sarah Huckabee a LIAR, Instantly REGRETS It! Watch Little George get EVEN SMALLER!

Swamp Drain

Newly appointed White House Press secretary, Sarah Huckabee sanders, will not be bullied. Sunday ABC News George Stephanopoulos rudely came after Sanders with loaded questions, basically calling her a liar. (VIDEO BELOW)

Rather then get mad and go on the offensive like her predecessor,Sean Spicer, was known to do from time to time, Huckabee Sanders ignored his lunacy and got her message across.

When it comes to dealing with the crooked liberal media and biased press, Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn’t take any BS! Sarah comes out swinging and gives them a BEAT DOWN in Huck-Town! She proves time and time again she can handle the job while opening a big, bad can of WHOOP A** for the insidious crooked liberal media. She is a CHAMPION! (VIDEO BELOW)

Congratulations Sarah Huckabee Sanders! We are excited and looking forward to Sarah slaying the media for 3 1/2 more years! (VIDEO BELOW)

Now watch as she makes Little Georgie look like a complete fool:


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