After Calling Trump Racist For Weeks, Media Gets Spanked By African American Voters

Source: Screenshots

The left keeps losing and there is no end in sight to what has become their nightmare. And as they limp to the midterms they are going all in on fools gold.

The young voter. Who never, ever, actually turns out. In a presidential election you can’t get the kids off the coach, but the left thinks they will all jump up as if on cue and rush out to vote in the midterms?

It is a fantasy, as is the fantasy that Trump has no support in the African American community.

As reported by Breitbart: 

President Donald Trump’s approval among black voters has almost doubled in the space of a year, the latest presidential polling from Rasmussen Reports has found.

According to Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, Trump’s approval rating among black voters stands at 36 percent, compared with just 19 percent on the same day last year.

The significant rise in approval is likely to be an endorsement of Trump’s economic policies – that have seen record low unemployment among the African-American population – and the stock market rise to record highs.

The data also suggests Trump is shrugging off accusations of racism from the Democratic left, with Trump’s former aide White House aide Omarosa Manigault the latest figure to declare Trump is a bigot who has repeatedly used racial slurs. She has so far provided no evidence for her allegations.

Such figures are even more impressive given Trump’s disappointing performance with black voters during the 2016 presidential election, where he garnered just eight percent support among black men and four percent support among black women.

Figures from the same poll found Trump’s overall approval rating to be 49 percent of likely voters who approve of Trump’s job performance, while 49 percent disapprove. Within those two variables, around 35 percent strongly approve of his performance, 41 percent strongly disapprove.


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