After China Refused Big Carrot From POTUS, Trump Showed Them Even Bigger Stick


President Trump tried the carrot with China…now he is going all stick. Look, China has gotten away with murder on the world stage and most Americans know it.

Including our leaders, both corporate and political. But those same leaders were paid handsomely to turn the other way and ignore the outright theft of America.

The stealth theft of middle-class jobs decimated communities who relied on that money for everything – from jobs to taxes to local stores and restaurants.

All went belly up as the massive move to maximize shareholder value at the expense of the American worker took hold in boardrooms across America.

The politicians followed suit as they do because they always follow the money. But it was a hollow victory because all it would take was one man with the courage to stem the tide.

One man to stick up for America. One man to tell it straight to China. One man who couldn’t be bought off.

Enter Trump. Who offered China a huge carrot on day 1 – let’s fix out trade deals and set both our countries up for long-term economic success.

But after crushing the likes of Obama and Bush, the Chinese thought Trump bluffing or thought the other politicians in their pockets would step in to save them.

They were wrong so now they get all stick.

Trump just signed The National Defense Authorization Act which authorizes $716 billion in military spending and puts China on notice.

The act identifies “long-term strategic competition with China” as “a principal priority for the U.S,” while at the same time showing strong support for a free Taiwan along with a stronger and more stringent Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which reviews all major foreign investments to determine whether they present a national security threat.

In other words, you are sh*t out of luck China on trying to buy your way to advanced technology.

“The U.S. should abandon its cold war mindset and zero-sum philosophy and view China and Sino-US relations in an objective perspective,” the ministry said in a statement, before urging Trump to remove “negative contents related to China so as not to cause damages in Sino-US relations and bilateral cooperation in key areas.”

“The U.S. side should objectively and fairly treat Chinese investors, and avoid CFIUS becoming an obstacle to investment cooperation between Chinese and U.S. firms,” they continued.

“The Chinese military is firmly opposed [to the act] and has lodged a serious protect with the US side…” before asking the U.S. to “deal with Taiwan-related issues with prudence to avoid harm to the military relations of the two countries as well as cross-strait stability.”


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