After Morning Joes Rips Stormy as “Not Credible”, WATCH him Destroy Anderson Cooper For Not Asking Questions

screenshot MSNBC Morning Joe/screenshot CBS 60 minutes

It is very rare that we agree with the Liberal, Trump-hating, CNBC host of Morning Joe, former Senator Joe Scarborough, but his coverage of Anderson Cooper’s lackluster 60 Minutes interview with porn whore “Stormy Daniels” was fairly accurate.

Monday morning, following Sunday night’s CNN Porn Special, Scarborough had no choice but to question Stormy Daniels’ credibility and then jump all over Anderson Cooper for not asking any pertinent, or remotely tough, follow-up questions.

It was a softball game with weak Anderson Cooper lightly tossing softballs to the opposing slugger, “Juggs Daniels”. Daniels, a porn “actress”, known for her anal sex scenes, said she was so scared of 60 year old Donald Trump that she had sex him even though she didn’t want to.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Joe Scarborough also bashed Stormy’s  attorney for the big nothingburger they produced.   To quote Scarborough:

“As a young lawyer, I remember being told never over-promise. Under-promise over-deliver and the jury will look positively on you, you know under-promise, over-deliver the judge will be presently pleasantly surprised at the end of the hearing it.  
(It) seems to me that we have an attorney that’s done just the opposite. He over promised. He sent out tweets with pictures of a cd-rom suggesting some big explosion. He told us two weeks ago that she was threatened with assault and we would find out more on 60 minutes, when, in fact, we found out nothing new on 60 minutes, and it doesn’t it just leave a big question mark over your head?”

Then Jonathan Turley replies:

“We still don’t really know what the what stormy Daniels wants and why she wants it other than a big payday well I mean the question of course is all of those issues that weren’t addressed, you know, Anderson Cooper didn’t pursue those questions so we don’t know what will come out after this interview.”

This is classic.  The piece was so bad, Stormy’s credibility so suspect, and Coopers interviewing so poor, that even Morning Joe could not  come after President Trump for it.  WOW!

Here’s the clip. Forward to 15:30 to the best part!  🙂


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