After Nancy Pelosi says her Grandson wants Brown Skin, WATCH Diamond and Silk ROAST Her Good! Wow…

FOX News screenshot-modified

Make no mistake, Nancy Pelosi wanted the government shutdown. She got her way, but only for a few hours Friday morning.

On Wednesday, while Chuck Schumer was over in the Senate, actually trying to work on a budget deal for Americans, Nancy Pelosi was over in Congress blabbing for 8 hours and five minutes straight, so a budget deal could not be reached.

She broke the all time record for longest Senate speech, breaking the old record of five hours, set in 1909, but accomplished nothing for the American people, or DACA dreamers. (VIDEO BELOW)

House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi’s pretense for the “big stall” was to get the DACA “Dreamers” issue commingled with the budget issue.

Ironically, President Donald Trump had already offered these DACA recipients, aka “Dreamers”, a path to citizenship, and Pelosi’s party, the Democrats, turned the offer down flat.

In fact, President Trump, made the same offer for over one million additional illegal immigrants that were not part of Obama’s DACA program. (VIDEO BELOW)

When famous Trump Supporters, Diamond and Silk, appeared on Fox and Friends Thursday, the hosts played at tape of Nancy Pelosi ending her 8 hour ramble by telling a story about her Grandson.

WATCH Diamond and Silk destroy Pelosi on live TV! These ladies are NOT politically correct. They don’t ‘eeew’ and ‘ahh’ over Pelosi’s story. They tell us how they really feel and hit her with a brutal TRUTH BOMB!


Posted by Swamp Drain on Thursday, February 8, 2018

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