After Reporter Accused President Trump Of Lying, Sarah Sanders Embarrassed With Answer

Image Source: Swamp Drain

Sarah Sanders just held the White House press briefing and as usual, the press was ready with garbage questions.

One hapless reporter actually accused President Trump of lying. He asked Sarah,

“The President last Thursday wrote on Twitter, House Republicans should pass the strong but fair immigration bill, known as Goodlatte in their afternoon vote today, even though the dems won’t let it pass in the Senate. passage will show that we want strong borders & security while the dems want open borders = crime.  win!

Then on Sunday he wrote on Twitter:

I never pushed the Republicans in the House to vote for the Immigration Bill, either GOODLATTE 1 or 2, because it could never have gotten enough Democrats as long as there is the 60 vote threshold. I released many prior to the vote knowing we need more Republicans to win in Nov.

Why would the President lie about something like that.”

Sarah shot him a look and then just destroyed him.

“He didn’t. The president has talked all along and he has laid out the priorities and principles that he would support…That we wanted to see reflected in legislation.

That at the same time the President wasn’t aggressively lobbying House members because he knew the Senate Democrats still were unwilling to come to the table and find solutions rather than play political games.

We could have gotten it through the house but that doesn’t work if we cant get it through the Senate and dems have made it abundantly clear they don’t want to fix problems. They just want to talk

For some reason, they think this is a good issue for them although it isn’t and frankly it is outrageous that Democrats have not come to the table and helped fix this problem.”

Boom. Good job Sarah.


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