After Reporter Called Trump A Criminal, Sarah Publicly Embarrassed Her With Brilliant Answer


The media is out to get President Trump and they smell blood in the water. They are circling like sharks and as morally bankrupt.

They are bending over backwards trying to tie Trump to any of the shady deals Manafort and Michael Cohen made over the course of many years and they have come up empty.

So when a rude reported asked an incredibly stupid question today, basically calling Trump a criminal, Sarah shot her down with the perfect answer.  (VIDEO BELOW)

As reported by CNN:

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders maintained President Donald Trump “did nothing wrong” relating to the hush money payments made to women who claimed affairs with him during the 2016 campaign.

Here’s how the exchange went:

Reporter: Did President Trump commit a crime?

Sarah Sanders: As the President said, we stated many times, he did nothing wrong. There are no charges against him and we have commented on this extensively.

Reporter: Why not report the payments?

Sarah Sanders: Again, I’m not getting into the back and forth details. I can tell you as the President has stated on numerous occasions, he did nothing wrong. There are no charges against him in this. Just because Michael Cohen made a plea deal doesn’t mean that implicates the President on anything.

Reporter: Can you say the President has never lied to the American people? So many look back at the tape of him on Air Force One saying he knew nothing about the payments, when in fact we now know he knew everything about the payments. So has he lied?

Sarah Sanders: I think that’s a ridiculous accusation. The President in this matter has done nothing wrong. There are no charges against him. (VIDEO BELOW)

Posted by Trumpster S. Thompson on Wednesday, August 22, 2018


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