After Spray-tan Crybaby makes up story about Pres Trump, WATCH Sarah PUMMEL Him for Poor Ratings, then set the record straight.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta has no shame.  No matter how many times the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, completely destroys or humiliates him, poor Jim comes back for more.


On Thursday, Acosta asked Sarah about a theory he has come up with.  Jim’s theory seems to be that President Trump determines what he will tweet everyday based on what is on FOX and Friends on the FOX News Network.

It’s beginning to seem that the entire press pool is getting tired of Acosta getting all of the questions, especially when he comes up with nothing but dump cr*p.  Listen to them snicker and groan in the background.  It’s great!


Watch Sarah give Acosta’s theory exactly the attention it deserves while calling CNN out for their dismal ratings at the same time.


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