Alan Dershowitz Calls For “National Commission To Investigate What’s Happened With The FBI, It’s Very Clear The FBI Needs Reform”


Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz broke his silence on the bombshell report by Special Prosecutor John Durham and whistleblower retaliation by calling for FBI reform. Alan said:

“I think it’s very clear they established probable cause that the FBI needs reform, but we’re not going to get it with partisan bickering between Democrats and Republicans, both of whom want to use these hearings to obtain a political advantage.

“The American public deserves more. We deserve a nonpartisan, hard look at what’s happened to the wonderful people of the FBI. Let me be very clear.

“I’ve worked with the FBI for 60 years.

“90% of them are the most wonderful people, self-sacrificing patriots who do only good things.

“Even though I’ve cross-examined many of them and criticized many of them.

“The FBI is an incredible, wonderful organization with some bad apples and some bad policies.

“What we need now is not Republicans and Democrats fighting and sparring in a very partisan committee setting.

“We need a national commission to investigate what’s happened with the FBI.

“A commission like the 9/11 Commission.

“It should include, for example, former heads of the FBI like Louie Freeh, who is beyond dispute.

“A nonpartisan.

“He was a Republican. 

“He was a judge.

“And people like that.

“People with long law-enforcement experience, people who have no dog in the fight, no partisan views.”


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