April Ryan Asks Sarah Sanders Dumb Question, Sarah Wipes Smirk Off Her Face With Perfect Answer

Image Source: Magafanclub

The media was waiting for Sarah Huckabee Sanders today. She hasn’t held a press briefing since at least last Thursday and quite a lot has happened in that short span.

Like the world went crazy first with Devin Nunes memo, that did or did not vindicate President Trump, depending on which side of the aisle you are on.

Adding to that confusion was President Trump’s remarkable speech yesterday in Ohio. If you missed it, Trump really pissed off the liberals and it was great to watch.

He made an obvious joke about the Democrats protesting America because they hate Trump so much at the SOTU.

The Democrats sat on their hands, as the opposition always does, but this time Trump had the stones to call them out on it.

It really is a ridiculous tradition that half the SOTU crowd will only applaud when their side is President.

Certainly, when the President speaks about specific issues under debate it is ok for them to play their little show-politics but when the President is talking about America, in general, I think both sides need to end their little show for the cameras.

For that is what it is – just a show for the television cameras.

At least Trump had the courage to stand up to it and say, why can’t we cheer for America once on a while – independent of party?

It is a good question that America wants the swamp to answer.

But for bad questions leave it to April Ryan… who asked Sarah Sanders today a couple of duds.

First, she asked about Trump’s comments that he would be fine with a government shut down, as General Kelly said earlier because Congress only responds to pressure.

Sarah said:

“The President wants solutions… he wants a two-year budget and an immigration fix…its pretty simple”

Correct. But the Democrats love complexity because it hides their lies.

Bu April wasn’t finished yet. She asked Sarah, “You said the treasonous comment (made by Trump) was a joke but what about unamerican?”

Sarah paused a second and then shit back the perfect answer.

It is unamerican to not be excited that more people have jobs and higher wages and that the economy is booming like it wasn’t before, that ISIS is being destroyed like it wasn’t before…

Every American should be excited about this progress…Things are better today than they were a year ago and that is something we should all be excited about. America’s lives are improving and that we should all be happy and excited about this.”


It is very telling the left is not cheering Trump’s accomplishments because they are terrified of what will happen if the winning streak continues through the 2018 and 2020 elections.

They know they will get routed.



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