April Ryan Just Crossed The Line With Vicious Tweet About Trump And She Should Be Fired Immediately


It’s time for CNN to take a stand and do the right thing and fire April Ryan. Look, journalists get the benefit of the doubt but when they ignore all facts and decency and make it personal they have to go.

It’s simple and the reason Lorne Michaels, executive producer of Saturday Night Live, wouldn’t let Rosie O’Donnell on his show to bash Trump.

He said that when comedy is based on hate it is not funny.

Conversely, when journalism is based on hate you get fake news of the vilest kind.

Which is what April Ryan got caught promoting. This may be the worst fake news hit piece yet about President Trump.

Wow. CNN you must act.

And then there is this…

What a joke. Should April be fired? Will an apology to be enough to keep her job?


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