April Ryan’s Jaw Hit Floor With Angry Thud After Hearing New Nickname Trump Official Just Gave Her

Source: Screenshot

April Ryan has not made many friends within the Trump White House so this was bound to happen sooner or later.

As a typical liberal April Ryan can dish it out but cannot take it and she was furious when Lynne Patton, who runs HUD programs in New York and New Jersey for Ben Carson, called April Ryan “Miss Piggy” complete with an unflattering picture on twitter with the hashtag #BankruptBlogger.

Lynne apologized and removed the tweet but we have it below and what the media is not telling you is the two African American women were in a nasty Twitter feud all day culminating with Patton’s insulting tweet.

Here is the since-deleted tweet before you judge Patton, whether for good or bad, make sure you check out all the tweets that came before.






Should she have apologized?

H/T Buzzfeed


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