BOOM! After Goodell COWERS, Trump SLAMS NFL’s Lacking Leadership

Image Source: Swamp Drain

President Trump has not been one to let up … and that’s of course so much of what so many in the country love about him!

Perhaps in response to the failing NFL’s choice of a fundraiser for #CrookedHillary to perform at its Super Bowl halftime show, the President reminded the public of the NFL’s ongoing kowtowing-to-Black Lives Matter disrespect for the flag and this country’s veterans. In the process, he specifically cited the incompetent “leadership” of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who might have nipped this disaster in the bud.

The situation has gotten so bad for the NFL that the Miami Dolphins were having trouble finding a sufficient number of police officers willing to volunteer to work their home game against the New York Jets on Sunday.

The President’s tweet led to an outpouring of subsequent supportive tweets. A few examples follow:

On the other hand, a (white) wannabe Twitter celebrity, Spike Rundle (@flyocity), went into “slavery” mode (conveniently forgetting that NFL players are free to leave the jobs for which they are being paid, that slaves weren’t paid millions of dollars, that following rules on the job does not make one a slave, etc.), tweeting “Black football players are not the white owners’ slaves no matter how much you want that to be true. They’re free Americans. Go do your job.”


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