“She should resign immediately!” Trump’s Ex-Campaign Chief LOWERS BOOM on Rep Wilson over Attacks on General Kelly.

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BOOM! What Did Corey Lewandowski Just Call On “Mad Hatter” Frederica Wilson To Do?


President Trump’s ex-campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski pulled no punches last night.  A “disgusted” Corey Lewandowski wasn’t messing around on a Fox News Live “Watters World” appearance Saturday, the subject matter being the recent hysterical antics of “The Mad Hatter” aka “The African American Asshat” aka “Lyin’ Fred” aka self-proclaimed “rock star” Frederica Wilson.


Unattributed meme making the cyber-rounds 

At one point during his appearance, Lewandowski said: “Look it’s very simple. To say the fact that she had to look up the term in a dictionary to understand what an ’empty barrel’ means and to accuse a great Four-Star Marine General, who has given his entire life and his son’s life to this country, is so out-of-bounds. She should resign immediately. She should disappear. And she should never be involved in elected office again. I’m so disgusted by this.”


Later, Lewandoswki, when asked about Wilson’s role as a mentor in the life of just-buried Army Sgt. La David Johnson, one of four US soldiers killed in an ambush in Niger, said: “Gimme a break. A mentor … She has no role in elected office. That is not what our children should aspire to be.”


Commenters at The Gateway Pundit, for example, had some interesting perspectives:

Personally I hope she stays in office and especially on TV right through the 2020 Election. That woman is a walking, talking “Never believe a Democrat” commercial.

I don’t think Corey gets it. She isn’t going to resign. In fact, the more ignorant she shows herself to be, the more popular she will be with her constituents.

We found someone who is an even bigger POS excuse for a human being. Who listens in on a Commander-in-Chief’s condolences call to an American hero’s grieving wife and tries to make a cheap political stunt out of it?

I wonder what the family thinks of the Rodeo Clown that politicized their son’s death? She is a Rock Star now over their loved one’s death.

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