BREAKING: Two NFL “Flag-Sitting Superstars” Just Involved In Violent Incident

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BREAKING: NFL Thugs Gone Wild! 2 Well-Known Flag-Sitters Involved In Violent Incident

As if the NFL hadn’t been taking enough public relations hits recently …!

There was a violent “extracurricular” on-field incident — eventually involving the pushing of a referee — in the NFL’s Thursday Night Football game involving the Oakland-soon-to-be-(courtesy-of-taxpayer-funding)-Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. (As for the final result of the game, should patriotic Americans at this point really care about it?) reports:

Marshawn Lynch’s Thursday night ended early after making contact with an official.

The Oakland Raiders running back was ejected in the second quarter after running on the field and ultimately pushing and then grabbing an official. Lynch appeared to be trying to get to Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, who was penalized on the play for unnecessary roughness after a late hit on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Lynch was quickly penalized and immediately ejected (contact with an official is an automatic ejection).

Lynch was not involved in the play. After seeing some Raiders offensive linemen take offense after Peters’ hit, Lynch came out in what appeared to be an effort to play peacemaker before grabbing the official. It ended a quiet night in what’s been a quiet season for Lynch in Oakland.

It is worth noting that:

– Lynch, a superstar running back during his years with the Seattle Seahawks, has been noticably sitting during the National Anthem all season. In fact, at one point during preseason, he was seen eating a banana while the National Anthem was playing. (Note: there is no evidence that Lynch’s choice of a banana was related to any sort of racial symbolism, as opposed to merely being a food ideal for a quick energy burst.) Lynch’s arrest record includes hit-and-run, a gun incident and DUI.

– Peters, a top-level cornerback, has been sitting for the National Anthem during this season … much to the consternation of many Chiefs fans.

– As for Carr, “According to an explosive report from the Armstrong & Getty Radio Show, weeks ago, members of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders’ all-black offensive line may have purposefully allowed their star quarterback to get sacked multiple times after he refused to kneel during the National Anthem.


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