IT BEGINS! Major NFL Advertiser Reads RIOT ACT To Failing League

Image Source: Screen clip Fox Business; edited by Swamp Drain

Sometimes you can just read between the lines … (VIDEO BELOW)

On Cavuto Coast-to-Coast on Monday on Fox Business, it was reported that:

“… Papa John’s, which is very associated with the NFL, it’s a top sponsor, Peyton Manning is an endorser, it told the NFL that its pizza sales in-game are down, and it attributes that to the Anthem protests. If you see a sponsor pull out, at that point the owners can no longer say, ‘We have our players’ backs. It’s business.’ And maybe the players themselves will understand that.”  (VIDEO BELOW)

This follows, a few weeks ago, Hardwick Clothes, America’s oldest suit maker, pulling sponsorship from stations which air National Football League games.

Commenters at the version of this story at The Gateway Pundit had some interesting insignts into this latest development:

– “Unlike the left’s faux boycotts, these non-organized boycotts are real…. and the NFL and their advertisers are learning about the silent majority.” (- “Eddie Blake”)

– “I wrote them and told them I won’t order from their place until the players stand. It sounds like they are beginning to get the picture.” (- “Anonymouse123”)

– “Schnatter [John Schnatter, founder/CEO of Papa John’s] won’t be doubling down anytime soon. If anything, he’ll pull his support. Not a ‘take a knee kind of guy’ Built his business from scratch. Sold his used car to get his first oven. Get the picture.” (- “RMTPGI”)


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