#BoycottNFL James Woods DISAGREES with Sean Hannity! Whoa! There’s a first time for everything.

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It doesn’t happen often (and it’s probably not all that big a deal), but veteran anything-but-Harveywood-type actor and masterful conservative tweeter James Woods was forced finally to take exception to something Sean Hannity said regarding the failing NFL.

Hannity, speaking on his self-titled show with Newt Gingrich on Monday night, said, “I think most Americans are waiting for the NFL to stand up for those who fought, bled and died under that flag.”

That solicited a considerable “yeah, whatever” reaction on Twitter, e.g.:

And count Woods among those with a similar state of mind, stating that the only thing he’s waiting for is for players “to hit the unemployment.”

Image source: thefederalistpapers.integratedmarket.netdna-cdn.com

(It should be noted that the normally brilliant Woods missed a perfect opportunity, when bringing up “unemployment,” to mention now-former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.)

Enthusiastic responses to Woods’s reply on Twitter included the following:

– “Agreed. I don’t care about their respect now, I want them to pay for it as the whole league is infected with the SJW disease.” (- @realAdamHaye)

– “Amen. NFL down and Hollywood to go.” (- @DiamondbackMac)

– “The ‘police are racist, America is racist’ narrative behind these ‘protests’ is a TOTAL LIE. It must be fought, period.” (- @AnewThomasPaine)

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