Karma Strikes Again! This “Woke” NFL Superstar May Be Out For Season After Broken Collarbone

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Once again, karma appears to have done in an NFL player who has been visible in supporting the “right,” while on the job, to basically stick a middle finger in the faces of fans, not to mention the flag, this country’s veterans and President Trump.

This time the lesson seems to have been learned (or, who knows, maybe he didn’t learn a thing?) by the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a former NFL MVP (who incidentally attended Cal-Berkeley).

Rodgers, to recall, had recently stated that “[Colin Kaepernick] should be on a roster right now” and that he was “100 percent supportive of my teammates or any fellow players who are choosing not to [stand for the National Anthem].” He had also made a lame, ultimately ill-received attempt to get Packers fans to lock arms during the National Anthem for “unity” or something vague like that.

Image result for rodgers collarbone
Image Source: thebiglead.com

Image Source: thebiglead.com

Anyhow, Rodgers was taken out of the Packers’ Sunday game with an injury during the first half, after a hit from the Minnesota Vikings’ Anthony Barr.

The injury turned out to be a broken collarbone on Rodgers’s right (throwing) shoulder. He had suffered a broken collarbone on his left (non-throwing) shoulder during 2013. He may be out for the season.

In recent weeks, serious injuries have been sustained by other very visible NFL protestors: the New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr., the Seattle Seahawks’ Cliff Avril and the Washington Redskins’ Josh Norman.

The “woke” Rodgers has not yet demanded that the Packers fill his void on the roster with Kaepernick.


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