Bad Karma or Lack of Focus? You-know who’s Ex-Teammates Go To 0-7 (Lose To “You Better Stand” Dallas Cowboys)

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Kaepernick’s Pence-Dissing Ex-Teammates Make It To 0-7 (Lose To “You Better Stand” Dallas Cowboys)

The “woke”, sending-a-message-against-injustice-the police-President Trump-Vice President Pence-or-whatever San Francisco 49ers managed to get their season off to a 0-7 start Sunday afternoon after a humiliating 40-10 defeat at home to the Dallas Cowboys.

Taking into account the latter part of “Kaepernick Era” for the 49ers, this made their record in their last 22 games 1-21, with a record in their last 38 games of 6-32.

The Cowboys have been in the news recently due to their owner, Jerry Jones, telling players that they will either stand for the National Anthem or sit on the bench.

Two weeks ago, as reported by USA Today:

“… roughly 20 49ers players took a knee during the anthem when San Francisco played at Indianapolis. Vice President Mike Pence left the stadium shortly after in what was believed [by some … but USA Today leaves those words out of course] to be a publicity stunt, and President Trump later tweeted that he had instructed Pence to do so.

Reid ranked among the earliest players to join [no-longer-employed Colin] Kaepernick in the protests when the quarterback first initiated them last year. He has taken the lead in San Francisco while remaining vocal on the need for change, even though Kaepernick no longer is on the team. …”

Some 49ers players kneel during national anthemSan Francisco 49ers players kneel during the National Anthem in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, October 1. Source: Twitter via

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