#MeToo Campaign: Michelle Obama Complains of Whistling, Lovesick Men Struck By Her Beauty?

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#MeToo Campaign: How Did Michelle Obama Suffer From Whistles Of Lovesick Men Struck By Her Beauty?

The new #MeToo hashtag campaign (which couldn’t of course POSSIBLY have anything to do with the Deep State powers-that-be trying to distract from the fact that Harvey Weinstein was a DEMOCRAT MEGA-DONOR and that Hollywood is overwhelmingly Democrat) has certainly provided some curious surprises.

For example, this tweet really doesn’t require a whole lot of context:

And this one (initiated, to be fair, by someone now claiming to have been fired by ESPN for being a conservative) provided some inadvertent hilariousness:

But perhaps most striking is the recollection of Michelle Obama about what she (supposedly) had to endure in terms of “catcalls”, “wolf whistles”, etc.

Michelle Obama, whose glamour and style have been lionized by many in the media (Image Source: http://freedomlibertynews.com)

A perfect example of someone whose senses prevented him from being anything other than smitten by the physical beauty of Michelle Obama is Stevie Wonder:

In terms of what Michelle Obama had to endure, The Daily Wire pointed out the following in March 2016:

Mrs. Obama went-full-on down-with-The-Patriarchy as she complained that men would comment, or even “whistle” at her due to her appealing looks. The First Lady dramatically spiraled: “[A]s if my body were their property, as if I were an object to be commented on instead of a full human being with thoughts and feelings of my own.”

Rush Limbaugh commented on that situation:

For what it’s worth, the ridiculousness of the #MeToo campaign was discussed during an interview of Shad Olson on the Tuesday, October 17 edition of “Backlash” on Shark Nation Radio:


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