NFL PLAYERS Will HATE What W.V. Miners, Maine Roofers Did During National Anthem

Image Source; Swamp Drain

Warning: The displays in the videos of the National Anthem below may be offensive to fans of the BLM-NFL … if there still are any. LOL (VIDEOS BELOW)

The National Anthem has been taking a beating lately but will be just fine in the long run … unlike the brought-about-its-own-immolation National FootbaLOL LOLeague. The situation is unlikely to be helped by the ongoing comparisons of pampered, multi-million-contract ball-chasers to “slaves.”

Image Source: Facebook

But enough about the NFL brats, right? (Sunday afternoons aren’t the only time to tune them out.) (VIDEOS BELOW)

One of the many silver linings to the NFL’s hari-kari is some great displays of patriotism.

Here, for example, is a touching performance of the National Anthem by West Virginia coal miner Josh Stowers in front of his co-workers before they all headed into the mines for the day: (VIDEOS BELOW)

**Meanwhile, these Maine roofers showed their patriotism in the place where they found themselves when they heard the National Anthem … right on the roof. (VIDEO BELOW)

**The Twitterverse has been effusive with praise for these patriotic, hard-working Americans!


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