Running On EMPTY … Check Out How Deserted NFL Stadiums Were DURING GAMETIME Week 7

source: @EmptySeatsGalore on Twitter

The failing kowtowing-to-#BlackLivesMatter NFL can work all it wants to with the Liberal Sports Media networks which broadcast the games to try to ensure that commercial breaks just so happen to be scheduled for when the National Anthem is being played and that camera shots stick to the field rather than showing the stands, but eventually word will get out that FANS ARE NOT SHOWING UP TO THE GAMES.

And one great resource for seeing what is really going on is the Twitter page for “Empty Seats Galore.”

Empty-seat scene at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA where the San Francisco 49ers hosted the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Source: @EmptySeatsGalore on Twitter

There are so many other examples of stadiums with unmistakably high numbers of empty seats from Sunday’s NFL games, courtesy of Empty Seats Galore. Here are a few examples:

To be fair, the Browns are practically unprecedentedly awful, but nevertheless:

Fans in Indianapolis apparently took a cue from Vice President Pence’s departure after protesting of the National Anthem two weeks ago:

Things are definitely dire for the NFL when the loyal fans of the Chicago Bears are not showing up! (And it’s not like it’s December with the temperature under 0 in Chicago…):

It should be noted that some fans are still showing up. But let’s keep in mind that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the most popular team in the NFL, and they are at the top of the league yet again this year. (When Steelers fans stop showing up, it’s GAME OVER for the NFL!)

One amusing non-visual report from Empty Seats Galore related to today’s disastrous Week 7 of the NFL season, incidentally, is the following: “Browns just randomly selected an empty seat to win a prize”

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