WOW! Diamond And Silk NAIL IT On Maxine Waters’ Psychology! Did they really just say that?

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WOW! Diamond And Silk Nail It On Maxine Waters’ Psychology!

Clearly not worried about being labeled “racist” or “sexist” for daring to criticize Maxine “Aunt Esther” Waters, Diamond and Silk teed off on the woman they call “Gansta Lean Maxine,” even saying that the Secret Service needs to pay her a visit related to her recent “take Trump out tonight” comments.

The two made these and numerous other comments about Waters and other topics on their “Chit Chat Live” broadcast on Monday night.


The sisters were in consensus that Waters is “obsessed with Trump.”

Silk’s analysis included a theory that Waters may have felt a bit threatened by or jealous of all the attention that the Mad Hatter aka Frederica Wilson has been getting recently. According to Silk: “What has happened is this week Big Mouth Wilson took her spotlight, so she had to say something stupid in order to get the spotlight back.”


The two also were in consensus that it is time for the Secret Service need to pay Waters a visit.¬†Along those lines, according to Diamond, “I am tired of these Congresswomen … I know two of them that have said some dumb things. OK, whenever you talk about taking the President out, killing the President, I’m sorry those are threats.”

For what it’s worth, Diamond’s impersonation of Waters saying “We’ve got to impeach him!!! I gotta take him out!!!” at 8:15 in the video below is not to be missed!



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