BAM! POW! BUSTED!!! Hateful Hillary’s Racist Rants, CLINTON CHEF: Hillary Called Servant The “N” Word (VIDEO/Interview).

This is nothing that you wouldn’t expect from Crooked Hillary but it’s good that folks like this guy are getting the courage to finally speak. The Dishonest Main Stream Media won’t even show this this but if it was Donald Trump it would be on every channel over and over again. Since they won’t show it then it’s up to Donald Trump supporters to get this out.  Please SHARE this everywhere. We’re running out of time.   (VIDEO BELOW)

I was doing an event at the Elizabeth Taylor medical center and Washington which is the HIV/AIDS clinic I was doing it to me prior to the public press party and that was with Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Chirac, Jacques Chirac, The former president of France’s wife, and gentlemen of color came in with something and I did not please her the way it was and he walked out and she said that (N****) and she used the N-word.




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