BAM!! Trey Gowdy just turned LIBERAL SET-UP into massive SNOWFLAKE Meltdown. Did you see that? WOW!

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Trey Gowdy is Way Too SMART for Liberal Set-up

It’s not just our universities that are systematically brainwashing America’s young people, many public high school teachers are doing it as well. If a conservative teacher pulled a stunt like liberal teachers from Greenland High School in South Carolina did, they would be fired! Somehow, liberals seem to get away with it.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch this high school senior try to embarrass Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) with a really tough and slanted question. Obviously, it is a set up by his liberal teacher, or possibly the crooked liberal media.   (VIDEO BELOW)

Trey Gowdy does not get mad. He does not flinch or even pause. Gowdy answers so thoroughly and eloquently that he gives the entire crowd, at the 2017 Winthrop Paul Rockefeller Distinguished Lecture Series, at U.S. Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the best political science lesson or their lives.  A lesson that ends in a standing ovation. WOW!  (VIDEO BELOW)

Posted by Drain The Swamp on Thursday, May 4, 2017

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