Barack Obama Opens His Mouth On Guns, Removes All Doubt He’s A Fool


Barack Obama is still fighting the impossible fight. He wanted to “fundamentally remake” this great country and he failed.

The left trampled on the constitution, embolden by a lawless leader who never met a law he wouldn’t overrule by executive order.

The country and our institutions bent but did not break and democracy held strong.

Say what you will about gun violence but the second amendment is sacrosanct and trying to change it is a losing battle.

Only a fool would try to legislate outcomes when freedom, as the collapse of the Soviet Union clearly showed, will always find a way.

If people want to do something the surest way to encourage it is to make it illegal. That’s what Obama will never understand.

From Breitbart:

Neither Obama nor OFA shared specifics on which laws Congress could pass to constrain criminals without also making it harder for law-abiding citizens to get the guns they need for self-defense. During Obama’s time in the White House, he supported universal background checks and “assault weapons” bans, among other things. But California has both these laws–and many, many more–yet they also frequently have high-profile shootings.

More laws and more regulations are not the answer and in fact, may do more harm than good.


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