Beat Down in HUCK TOWN! Jaws Hit the Floor as Sarah BERATES Chuck Schumer with 5 Short Words.


No one in the country, with the possible exception of President Trump, has a more difficult job than Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  As White House Press Secretary, she has to deal with the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) and the White Press Corps, who, for the most part, are out to attack the president or make him look bad, rather than gain knowledge and report on U.S policy and actual “news” from the White House.

Tuesday, in an abbreviated version of the White House Press Briefing, Sarah maintained control over the press pool, who kept asking the same North Korea questions, over and over again, despite the fact that the President had just answered those  very questions for them just two hours earlier.

CNN White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny criticized the president for his dealings with China and asked Sarah what she thought of Chuck Schumer calling the President’s plan “a wet noodle solution.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Sarah politely and professionally answered the reporter’s question and also SLAMMED Chucky “the clown” Schumer at the same time.  I don’t know how she does it.

On Schumer, Sanders said, “Senator Schumer is not somebody this White House is probably ever gonna take advice from, on how to negotiate or get a good deal on anything, particularly based on his track record.”  This was classic Sarah!   (VIDEO BELOW)

Posted by Trumpster S. Thompson on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sarah Sanders: Schumer is the “LAST PERSON WE WOULD CALL.”
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