Bill Clinton Gets Creepy, Humiliates Hillary In Public (Video)


Bill Clinton is a world-class creep. He doesn’t even hide it anymore and it absolutely must humiliate Hillary every time he gets caught in public acting like a jerk.

Famous for his low morals one would think he would age wisely and learn from his mistakes.

At least for Hillary’s sake.

During Aretha Franklin’s funeral today pop start Ariana Grande wore a very, very short skirt to perform in.

Many on social media reminded her of the below the knee rule for church that she clearly never heard of.

Bill Clinton sure was happy with her outfit though. And creeped everybody out. From The Daily Wire:

He’s at it again.

At Aretha Franklin’s funeral service, former President Bill Clinton ogled 25-year-old Ariana Grande as she sang Carole King’s “Natural Woman.”

Just a gross guy and a total phony…


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