BOMBSHELL! LEAKED: Hillary’s True Disease Revealed: Special Undergarment For Debate Should Be Ruled Illegal. Mainstream Media Cheat For Hillary Again


Was Crooked Hillary just lucky to make it through the two  debates without any symptoms of her disease showing or wardrobe malfunctions occurring?  Opinions differ. But signs point to YES.  Here’s the latest….

With the third and final Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton less than 24 hours away, we can finally end months of speculation over Hillary Clinton’s health situation and the nature of her illness. Wikileaks has released a new batch of documents confirming her illness.  No it’s not dementia, Parkinson’s disease or even related to her fall and concussion she suffered last  last year.  Hillary Clinton is suffering from…

              TYPE 1 LIEABETES


Type one Lieabetes is a chronic disease.  It can be kept under control but only with DUCT TAPE and that will not help Hillary in the debate.   The seizures, stumbling and inability to stand up for prolonged periods are NOT caused by Liabetes.  That must be related to one of Hillary’s other health issues.

The STAND UP HILLARY PAC has spent over $1,200,000 to design a special undergarment for Hillary wear for the debate.   This undergarment will help her mount the podium unassisted, stand during the debate and absorb any embarrassing accidents.  It is designed to be virtually undetectable when worn with the $98,000 matching pantsuit.



After the September 26 debate in Hempstead New York there was much speculation about what type of devices were tucked into her clothing (see photos below).   We now know that that was the power cord for her undergarment and a special wire going up her back and into her spinal cord.  Yes, that’s correct folks.  She can control this undergarment with her brain which makes her act and appear ALMOST HUMAN.  Technology is amazing isn’t it? 


We’ll see if it holds up for the Wednesday night’s debate.   I’m betting there will be a malfunction but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. 🙂

This is a joke folks.  Donald Trump is laughing.  We hope you are too!!!!!



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