BOOM: US Economy Just Got Some Spectacular News And Entire USA Is Cheering

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This is what happens when you put a businessman in the White House – you get instant results.

Of the spectacular variety, not seen in 14 years. That was quick, good job, President Trump.

Bloomberg is breaking the great news and even the liberals should (you never know with liberals) be cheering because U.S. manufacturing is back.

“U.S. manufacturing “U.S. manufacturing expanded in December at the fastest pace in three months, as gains in orders and production capped the strongest year for factories since 2004, the Institute for Supply Management said Wednesday.”

Wow. Do you think Trump will get any credit? Or will the left try to say it is all Obama? You know they have been trying to give credit for the new Amercian renaissance to Obama.

It is sad because Trump was the guy who came in and got rid of the useless and job-killing regulations, used his bully pulpit to demand companies keep their jobs here, and gave American companies and the American people the biggest tax cut in history.

You would think just doing those three things would get the economy booming again and you would be right.

The left, however, is convinced that Trump can do nothing right and will resist him, despite the obvious benefits to the American and the world economy.

More good news from the report:

“The survey-based measure of factory activity — the year’s second-highest behind September, when storm-related supply delays boosted the index — brings the 2017 average to 57.6, the best in 13 years. The latest gain extends a string of strong readings that’s been fueled by more domestic business investment, improving global economies and steady spending by American households.”

Yeah, America is back, confident and open for business after the disastrous policies of Obama.

But it gets better because apparently confidence is contagious:

“The acceleration in bookings indicates production will remain robust in coming months as factories race to limit mounting order backlogs amid declining customer inventories. Increasing export orders underscore improvement in global markets.

The figures suggest manufacturing strength will persist into early 2018, even after the ISM’s semi-annual survey of purchasing managers published last month showed factories anticipate growth in capital spending to slow this year.”

Get ready for growth like we haven’t seen since Reagan. America is back.


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