BREAKING: BAM!! YES!! Rosie O’Donnell WILL Leave Country… But OUCH There’s Been A Serious Glitch. Didn’t See That Coming. Wow!!!


Poor Rosie! We’ve never been Rosie O’Donnell fans but we would never have wished a fate like this for her.  Donald Trump would not even have wanted this to happen.  What in the world was she thinking when she went up in the airplane?  More details will follow but needless to say no one wanted O’Donnell to leave the country in this manner.


The good news folks is that this is just a silly joke and Rosie is just fine.  The bad news is…well, there’s not any bad news.  Rosie still intends to leave the country because Donald Trump has been elected as the next President of the United States.

And….. She will be flying FIRST CLASS!  

Have a nice flight Rosie!


Donald Trump is laughing right now!


Mr. President-Elect  Trump thanks you for your vote!

Trump Daily and TD Newswire thank you for your support.

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