BREAKING: Crooked Network News Network (CNN) IS NOT NEWS (VIDEO). Calls Debate For Hillary Then Gets Caught Doing This….

TD Newswire

CNN aka Crooked Network News Network or Clinton News Network News Network (CNN) is not a news outlet.  They are simply an arm of the liberal establishment that will lie or create a fake story just as easy and not.  They are “actors” and are a propaganda arm for the Hillary Clinton campaign.   No one with two eyes (or one even), ears and brain that saw the presidential debate last.   (VIDEO BELOW)

They just make up the news and use actors to produce fake news.  Hey, that kind of reminds me about Hillary Clinton rallies.  While Donald Trump has 10’s of thousands of die-hard supporters packing arenas two or more times a week Hillary Clinton rallies draw only 100-300 and it’s debatable whether they are supporters are just hired actors.  Check this out……

Hillary Supporters come out in the “TENS”  (and they probably had to be paid) while Trump Fans come out in the “TENS OF THOUSANDS”  (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Greetings Donald Trump fans.  Please take the next two minutes and 45 seconds of your life to watch these two SHORT videos.  It will make your day.

This is a Hillary  Clinton  Rally two weeks ago.  In addition to the fact that they have arranged the 200 (if that) or so “supporters” to look a “part of a decent sized crowd they hand out the “homemade” sign to the people (George Soros’ “actors” maybe?). I’m embarrassed for Hillary Clinton just thinking about.  Can you say PATHETIC??



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