BREAKING: General Makes SHOCKING Statement About Obama- Nation in SHOCK! The cover up will make you SICK!

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Barack Obama knew what he was doing, knew it was illegal, and was 100% positive he could get away with it. That is how psychopaths are, especially really smart ones. Unfortunately, they usually do get away with it. Fortunately, this time, the American people, intelligence community, and incoming administration were not as stupid as “genius” Obama thought they were. (VIDEO BELOW) 

The Democrats are not in denial about what really happened. They are not mistaken about it. They are lying and they know it. Head Clown Chuck Schumer and his junior cronies have one thing on their agenda.  It is to take down President Donald J. Trump and get him out of office. Truth be damned.  American people be damned.  It’s about power and getting Trump out of office, bottom line. The will and well being of the American people is not even on their radar.  (VIDEO BELOW) 

***The CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) is hiding the TRUTH from Americans. Please do your part and SHARE this on social media!  

Listen to retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney Fox describe how the investigation on the Trump campaign alleged ties to Russia is nothing more than an elaborate smoke screen to cover what the Obama administration was doing illegally. (VIDEO BELOW) 

“Once director Comey mentioned it, that there had been a investigation since last July, I automatically knew that they were then using electronic means, if you will, to get further information. He tipped us all off when he said that “since July,” so they get these quote “incidental individuals” that they pick up things. And, the fact is, it’s now being starting to be widely disseminated that, in fact, that the Trump campaign was monitored electronically, probably in a whole host of areas.”

Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney

***The CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) is hiding the TRUTH from Americans. Please do your part and SHARE this on social media!  

“The investigation is used as a cover and there are a lot of fingerprints that are now going to start coming out that will show that the Obama administration was heavily listening to what was going on in the Trump campaign. ” 

Now the despicable Dems are trying to blame everything on Devin Nunes just because he was doing his job, and happens to be a republican. They blame the victim and then blame the players, and even risk our relationships with foreign countries just to protect Obama.

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Chucky the “Head Clown” is a devious bastard, but he’s no match at all for President Trump. I pity the fool!

The Crooked Mainstream Media will NOT show this, so SHARE this everywhere Trump fans! We’re running out of time!

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