BREAKING IN LONDON: Bikers For Hillary Storm Ecuadorian Embassy To Recover Wikileaks, Come Back Empty Handed. Here’s How They Did It (or tried to anyway)


You’ve heard of Teddy’s Rough Riders.  Meet Kerry’s Bikers for Hillary.  For the first time since the Democratic Convention the Bikers for Hillary are out to protect Hillary Clinton’s interests. The first time it was at home in the United States but this time they are over in London.


Last time they were providing security at the convention but this time there job was to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in the dead of night to recover some video tapes and free some “hostages”.

Yes that is the same Ecuadorian Embassy in London that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been living in for the past few years.  Coincidence?  No, not at all. You see, Hillary Clinton knew that there was no way that Joe Biden would go on the mission if he knew he was there to recover stolen documents incriminating John Kerry, Obama and herself in multitudes of crimes against the people and the state.  But she knew that if she told “Good Ole Joe” that a dozen young Muslim children had been kidnapped, along with copies of the Illustrated Video Koran, that Joe would volunteer in a heartbeat.  And he did.


Oh, and here’s the best part, Hillary told Good Ole Joe that these children were called the “Wikileaks”.  LMAO!!!

The brave Bikers for Hillary had in all planned out.  Unfortunately when they did their test run, or “dry run” as Joe calls it, they did it in broad daylight and Julian Assange just happened to  be out on his front patio at the front of the embassy.  Oops! And it’s hard to miss a tall. skinny, grey haired guy riding a pink girl’s bike and stocky old guy riding the world famous pedal-less BIDOBIKE.  


Well the rest is history.  Julian backed up all the Wikileaks in an “insurance file”  and sent copies all over the world.  At night John Kerry rode around back at cut off the power and internet like he was supposed but the only problem was that he forgot to tell Good Ole Joe what the Wikileaks really were!

So Good Ole Joe burst into the Embassy in the dark of the night with his BIDOBIKE Blazing yelling “RELEASE THE WIKILEAKS, RELEASE ALL THE WIKILEAKS….. RELEASE EVERY SINGLE WIKILEAK RIGHT NOW!”

And so  they did…….. THE END 


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