BREAKING: Obama and Al Sharpton spotted golfing. What the HECK are they wearing? Have they gone mad?


*** See disclaimer below

During Former President Obama’s eight years in the White House he would often take vacations away from his vacations.  He called that work.  Judging by the results he achieved while in office it may have been better if he had just stayed on vacation the whole time instead of a little less than half of the time. You would have thought the the $80,000,000++ Michelle and Barack spent on vacations they would have been able to vacation the entire eight years.  Unfortunately for the American people they did not.  (SEE PHOTO BELOW)

Yes, that time Barack spent away from his vacations really hurt us bad.  Thank goodness for Donald Trump.  He achieved more in one week than Obama did in eight years.  It would have taken any other Republican months to do that.


It was reported that when the Obama’s left the White House, instead of going over the settle into their new DC dwelling they went right on a vacation. They went straight to the virgin Islands so Michelle could relax and Barack could….. you’ll never guess….. Play some golf!  What’s really remarkable though is who went with then to act as Barack’s personal caddie.


Holy Cow!!  What is Al Sharpton wearing?  It looks like a pink tutu.  That’s crazy. Sharpton always wears a green tutu out on the links!  I think this may have been photoshopped!  

*** Disclaimer:  This article is a joke.  It is a funny (maybe) joke for Trump supporters. This is not FAKE NEWS. No one is supposed to think this is real. Even if you are a Democrat, give yourself a little credit.   No one thinks you are stupid enough to believe this is real.   If you think this picture is real start over and read this again, beginning with the first asterisk.  The asterisk is that little star looking thing. We did not create the golfing picture  Someone sent us the picture in our Facebook mailbox at TD Newswire.  🙂

Barack has a big meeting coming up when he gets back from vacation.

You’ll be surprised who ‘s beginning to see things Donald Trump’s way. 

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