BREAKING: Soros’ Paid “Actors” Protest (VIDEO) at Rally but WON’T vote for Hillary


Last night the US cellular Center in Asheville North Carolina, Donald Trump spoke to a capacity crowd of over 9,000 people while more than 1,000 additional Trump supporters waited, hoping to get in. In addition there were and an additional 200 to 300 protesters outside.

The circus of protesters ranged  from clowns to hobos to every type of circus freak imaginable. Plus quite a few typical looking Asheville youth.   For the most part the protesters  were peaceful however many of them had the F word and other expletives on their signs and yelled the F word quite frequently.   SEE INCREDIBLE VIDEO BELOW


He probably received a higher hourly wage


Strange would be an understatement for this crowd. However if you pay really close attention you would notice something even stranger. These people were totally scripted and were acting their parts.   They all said the same things and did not deviate from their script.  And not ONE SINGLE Pro-Hillary sign was to be found  or one single mention or Hillary or “vote for Hillary” was heard.

I taped this video.  Please watch and then I will give you a list of the dead-give-aways that these are George Soros’ paid “actors” and VERY few of them just came to actually protest without getting paid.  After you watch and then read the list you will be able to spot the few “real” protesters very easily.  One hint.  They are not allowed to discuss or mention Hillary and are not even allow to acknowledge that they know who she is.  I’m serious.  Watch this and please SHARE with everyone you know.







These were professional paid protesterS, actors if you will.  

6 Ways to Tell these are paid protesters

  1. They are arrived and left and virtually the same times….hence on the clock.
  2. They were coached to get very loud when anyone talks to them but they are only allowed to say a few different things.
  3. This video was an hour after the rally, 30 minutes before they were “off the clock” which presumably was 8:00.  There were only about 20 of the 10,000 Trump supporters yet they ALL stayed seemingly “frozen” in their places.
  4. They did not move around at all.  They just stayed in the designated spots with their designated signs.   Real protesters would move around and sit or rest from time to time.
  5. They didn’t even say anything about Trump or seem to know anything about Trump except “LOVE TRUMPS HATE”  There were just a few who called Trump a racist but would not elaborate.  Either it was part of a separate job description or these were the “real” protesters.
  6. They had no Hillary Clinton signs, never spoke of Hillary Clinton and WOULD NOT EVEN SAY THAT THEY WOULD VOTE FOR HILLARY.

Please watch the video again now and tell us what you think.  Thank you and God Bless!

Shirt of the night!
This is me with my new amigo!
He got to hold a sign!

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