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Charles Krauthammer, Pulitzer Prize winning writer and Conservative Commentator and, Dead at 68


Conservative commentator, Pulitzer winning author, and FOX News favorite, Charles Krauthammer passed away today, at age 68.

In an age where politics and political opinion have tarnished the words “reporter” and “journalist”, Krauthammer was simply the best.  Although conservative in his later years, he was a liberal most of his life.

Krauthammer had the rare ability to see beyond the partisan BS, and even writing opinion pieces he was brutally honest when his side was in the wrong.  (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Fox News reports:

Charles Krauthammer, a longtime Fox News contributor, Pulitzer Prize winner, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and best-selling author who came to be known as the dean of conservative commentators, has died. He was 68.

His death had been expected after he wrote a heartbreaking letter to colleagues, friends and viewers on June 8 that said in part “I have been uncharacteristically silent these past ten months. I had thought that silence would soon be coming to an end, but I’m afraid I must tell you now that fate has decided on a different course for me…

“Recent tests have revealed that the cancer has returned. There was no sign of it as recently as a month ago, which means it is aggressive and spreading rapidly. My doctors tell me their best estimate is that I have only a few weeks left to live. This is the final verdict. My fight is over.”

In recent years, Krauthammer was best known for his nightly appearance as a panelist on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” and as a commentator on various Fox news.

His good friend, FOX News’Brett Bair tweeted the following:

R.I.P. good friend. I am sure you will be owning the panel discussion in heaven as well. And we’ll make sure your wise words and thoughts – your legacy – will live on here


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