Chelsea Handler Calls for Trump’s Arrest, INSTANTLY REGRETS IT. Ouch…that Hurts.

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Chelsea Handler, the former, supposed, comedian, who now claims to be a TV personality and psychic, is at again.  She loves to attack President Trump, but she’s so dumb that none of her attacks make any sense, to the left or the right. This time it BACKFIRED, in a bad way too!

Her latest Twitter attack says “it’s pretty clear that (President Trump) should just be arrested. Her logic is so screwed up, even most of her Libtoad friends won’t understand this one.

Handler is outraged that Trump stuck up for one staff members that resigned, and sense he did that, he must be a liar.  Since the President is liar, reasons Handler, then he must “cheat and steal”, as well.  Now that we “know” he lies, cheats, and steals, then, obviously, he must be arrested.  You can’t even make this stuff up.

Here is Handler’s actual Tweet:

“It’s pretty clear that should just be arrested. The idea that each person who is forced to resign from his cabinet is guilty of something isn’t, is ludicrous. Anyone who lies that much , also cheats and steals.”


It didn’t take long for that genius idea to blow right up in Chelsea Handler’s face.  Here are just a few responses to her tweets:

Obviously, Chelsea is wasted away again in Moronville!

Was anything in her tweet accurate?

If you think Chelsea Handler is a joke and a loser, please support President Trump and SHARE this!


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