Chuck Schumer’s Jaw Hit Floor With Angry Thud After Hearing What Tom Cotton Just Said About DACA

Source: Screenshot

Tom Cotton speaks the plain truth and we wish we had more politicians like him. He gets right to the point and does not waste America’s time to spin and DC nonsense.

The left hates him for it and that and after what he said this morning it is easy to see why.

They had leverage with DACSA but shockingly gave it away for nothing.

Worse, in the process of losing they were exposed for putting illegal immigrants ahead of America.

A recipe for doom in the 2018 midterms.

Then, inexplicably, they doubled down and drew a red line in the sand around a losing argument.

So now they are stuck.

They can’t accept Trump’s DACA deal and they can’t refuse it.

It is a humiliating position for the Democrats to be in as Tom Cotton explained to them today on Fox and Friends:

“The president’s framework bill is not an opening bid for negotiations. It’s a best and final offer,” Cotton said.

And to add insult to Chuck Schumer’s injury – Trump will get the credit if the Dems make a DACA deal.

Which he will use in 2018 and 2020 to hut them where it hurts because they never could get a DACA deal done despite controlling the entire government for years.

And ff they don’t make a deal, the Dems will get blamed by the Hispanics and they won’t come out in numbers they need in 2018 and 2020 to win.

Literally, checkmate.




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