Clarence Thomas Breaks Silence On Faith In Riveting New Interview (Video)

Source: DCNF Screenshot

Clarence Thomas is one of the most misunderstood leaders in Washington D.C. True, some of this has to do with the “mystery” surrounding the Supreme Court.

The nations highest court holds the ultimate power in this country and the justices rarely give interviews, which adds to the mystique surrounding the institution.

But that is not why Thomas is so misunderstood or more correctly mischaracterized by the left.

The left hates Clarence Thomas with vitriol not seen since President Trump. It is blind hatred not rooted in facts because he disabuses them of all their false assumptions. Just like Trump does.

Trump stands as an example of all the things the establishment got wrong and continues to get wrong. Trump is an example of a new way of politics – he ran as basically a bi-partisan candidate agreeing with the best ideas on both sides of the aisle and Americans elected him for it – it is not his fault Chuck and Nancy would rather play politics than help govern this great nation.

Thomas is seen as an Uncle Tom to the left no matter what he does, no matter how his rulings help people of color and minorities – they brand him a traitor because he believes in conservative ideals rather than the failed liberal policies that have ruined our inner cities.

Check out what he told the Daily Caller in their exclusive interviews about how the left treats his wife (who happens to be white):

“If I were more progressive or liberal it [our marriage] would be considered progressive to be in an inter-racial marriage, but if you are not, then you are selling out…I don’t think of it as some statement. You’re my wife.”

Correct and that is a perfect example of how the ‘liberal mind’ is really the closed and intolerant one, not the conservative, despite the media trying to convince you otherwise.

But it was Thomas’ comments about faith that really had people talking:

“Faith, he says, gives him “the strength to do what I have to do every day, to assert the independence, to be willing to take the beatings, the criticism, the unfairness.” When he attends daily mass, he says, it helps him do his “job, a secular job, in the right way and for the right reasons.” It reminds him that his work has nothing to do with what is said about him, but is rather about doing what he took an oath to do.”

Check out the full interview below.


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