Cowardly Paul Ryan Takes Parting Shot At Trump As He Retires In Disgrace

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Paul Ryan is a disgrace. Always has been. And he has always been a titanic fraud. A fake intellectual who conned America into believing he was a policy wonk.

Trump knew the truth and exposed him and America finally saw the real Paul Ryan.

It ain’t pretty. Trump was adamant about saving pre-existing conditions in the Obamacare fix and Ryan tried to stab him in the back by sneaking a repeal of that provision on his bill.

For that reason, I think Trump may have even vetoed it – remember when he called it too mean?

Remember when Trump said we can’t let people die in the streets during the campaign?

Trump gave Ryan the keys and said get it done and Ryan did the opposite and the rest is history – a failed bill.

As reported by The Hill: Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday lamented the “deinstitutionalization of society” taking place in the world, praising institutions at large amid President Trump’s attacks on the Justice Department, media and global organizations.

Ryan, who is set to retire from Congress in January, did not directly address Trump during that portion of his remarks at a WisPolitics event in the Capitol, and the GOP leader was careful to note that no one person was to blame.

“I worry that we are seeing a deinstitutionalization of society writ large occurring in not just America but in the world,” Ryan said. “And, by the way, this isn’t one person who’s done this. It’s society, it’s culture, it’s the internet. It’s the 21st century.”

Ryan conceded that the extreme partisanship and tribalism that dominates today’s politics is extremely effective at turning out voters and winning elections, but said it was “morally wrong.”

“21st century technology has proven that tribalism and identity politics is effective. More to the point, which is worse, people make money off of it,” Ryan said. “Internet, money have proven identity politics and tribalism works. It’s politically effective. It’s morally wrong, but it’s politically effective.”

“What bothers me is it’s being practiced on both sides. The right and the left.”

During his time in the White House, Trump has faced backlash over his attacks against various long-standing institutions. He’s waged a war of words against the Justice Department and FBI, and called special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian collusion a “witch hunt.”


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