Dems Hit Job Suffers Lethal Blow As Kavanaugh Accuser Changes Tune On Testifying


The Democrat hit job just fell apart in the most embarrassing way. The accuser is changing her tune on testifying.

Remember, she hired a lawyer in August and took a lie detector in August. Remember, the Senate has offered her the chance to testify in private so as to avoid a public spectacle and make her feel uncomfortable.

Her response? I will talk after the FBI investigates. To be kind, that won’t work and the GOP should move forward with the confirmation if she, of a sudden, is changing her tune.

As reported by The Daily Caller: The woman who accused Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault back when they were in high school wants a law enforcement investigation of the incident before testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to her lawyer who appeared on CNN Tuesday night.

Kavanaugh is expected to testify Monday.

“Any talk of a hearing on Monday frankly is premature because she just came forward with these allegations 48 hours ago. And since that time, she has been dealing with hate mail, harassment, death threats. So she’s been spending her time trying to figure out how to put her life back together, how to protect herself and her family. And there hasn’t been an investigation and these are serious allegations,” Lisa Banks, Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer, said.

“She’s not prepared to talk with them at a hearing on Monday,” she continued. “No investigation — any legitimate investigation is not going to happen between now and Monday. This is going to take some time and what needs to happen is there shouldn’t be a rush to a hearing here. There’s no reason to do that.”


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