Don Trump Jr Knocks Chelsea Handler Off High Horse, Wipes Arrogant Smirk Right Off Her Face


The left has lost their collective minds and they are coming apart at the seams. All they need now is a little push in the right direction.

Which Don Trump Jr. was happy to give the hapless Chelsea Handler after she attacked him.

As reported by Newsweek: Comedian Chelsea Handler is a frequent opposer of President Donald Trump and his administration’s policies but she targeted his son Donald Trump Jr. on Monday via Twitter. The Chelsea Lately alum took to the social media platform to suggest it’d be intriguing to see Trump’s son turn on him.

“I can’t wait for Donald Trump junior to flip on his father,” Handler, 43, tweeted on Monday. “That’s going to be awesome.”

Trump Jr. has been a loyal supporter of his father and wasn’t amused by Handler’s remark. In response to the comedic actor’s comment, Trump’s eldest child took to Twitter to criticize Handler.

“I’d say stick to comedy but you weren’t funny enough to avoid cancellation of your Netflix show,” the 40-year-old tweeted. “Stay away from politics—no reason to suck at two things.”

Trump Jr. dug further by suggesting Handler stand by her previous desire to exit the U.S. following his father being elected to office, tweeting: “Hey Chelsea, now that your show is canceled it’s not too late to make good on your promise. Really no excuse for you to stay anymore.”


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