Famous Rock Band Attacks Trump In Most Disgraceful Manner, Makes Kathy Griffin Look Good

Image Source: Faith Family America

Kathy Griffin was famous for being a D Lister before she attacked Trump. She was a joke to all before she cemented her reputation with her vicious attack on Trump.

She felt an immediate and brutal backlash. She lost jobs, stand up gigs, sponsorship opportunities and was forced to flee abroad to work.

Pearl Jam was already famous and didn’t need the publicity by attacking Trump so one has to wonder why be so vicious?

Why be so cruel to the sitting president of the United States? Trump supporters are not happy to say the least.

From Lifezette:

A Pearl Jam poster promoting Democratic Sen. Jon Tester’s candidacy in Montana is getting reaction for more than its get-out-the-vote concert.

The concert poster gruesomely and horribly shows a slain President Donald Trump.

Worse than that, it has an American eagle feasting on the dead corpse.

“Official artwork by Jeff Ament and Bobby Brown from last night’s show in Missoula,” the band’s official Twitter account said on Tuesday.

Jeff Ament is the band’s bassist.

Trump supporters and other critics quickly took issue with the band’s incendiary poster.

“So disappointed with this,” one person responded.

“It’s almost impossible to go a week without listening to your music but that all ends tonight,” that individual added. “This is pathetic and I choose America and MY president over you. Should have stuck to music. Sickening. As many have said, that’s it for me, no longer a fan.”

“Using your voice to get people to vote is a great thing,” another commented. “Donating all that money from the Seattle shows is outstanding but this is too far imo. Just like the NFL, extreme politics in sports/music hurts the product especially when disrespecting the flag, White House etc.”


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