Fans Send Devastating Message To Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler


Hollywood and the creatures that live out there will never, ever learn. They do it every time and it always backfires.

They choose sides in political battles and discredit themselves leading to an inevitable backlash from the public

Which is just what happened to Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. Tyler, all of a sudden, is demanding that President Trump stop using one of their songs at his rallies?

Enter the fans who sent him a devastating response.

From The Conservative Tribune:

Steven Tyler fans are a die-hard bunch, but his rock-star lifestyle and two first names weren’t enough to calm some upset fans this week after a decidedly un-rock-and-roll move.

The man who “snorted half of Peru” sent a cease-and-desist to President Donald Trump for playing his music.

While playing Aerosmith’s “Livin’ on the Edge” in West Virginia this Tuesday, Trump apparently gave “the false impression” that Steven Tyler has given his consent for the use of his music, according to the letter sent by his attorney.

Fans were quick to roast Tyler for his reaction, piling onto Twitter with some searing memes.

Many fans expressed their disappointment. Despite Steven Tyler’s insistence that it wasn’t a political move, they weren’t buying it.

#DoneWithAerosmith began trending on Twitter, and some even began to dredge up the nauseating stuff supposedly in Steven Tyler’s past.


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