Former Clinton Lawyer agrees with Trump! Here’s WHY “James Comey should have been fired.”

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Surprisingly, one of Bill Clinton’s former attorneys, a personal friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, agrees with President Trump on something concerning former FBI director James Comey.

Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey in May of 2017. Lanny Davis, former special counsel for Bill Clinton, also agrees that Comey should have been fired, but for a different reason altogether.

According to Axios, Lanny Davis, formerly the special counsel for Bill Clinton’s administration and good friend of the Clintons thinks Comey should been fired, but not for the same reason Trump fired him.  Davis thinks  “Comey’s offense was his overwhelming narcissism,” and that he should have been fired for reopening the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation in 2016, eleven days before the election.


Davis feels Comey cost Clinton the election, or at least that’s what he says in the book he is trying to peddle,  “The Unmaking of the President 2016: How FBI Director James Comey Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency,” which comes out Tuesday.

Axios reports:

The difference between Davis and Trump:

  • Trump fired Comey because he was unhappy with the way the Russia investigation was evolving.
  • Davis told me Comey should’ve been fired by Barack Obama because Comey acted improperly in sending a letter about the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s emails 11 days from the 2016 election (which he argues influenced the outcome), and therefore violated Justice Department policy. “Comey’s offense was his overwhelming narcissism,” Davis said.

Polls show the drastic change in support for Clinton before and after Comey sent his letter. And Davis (who wrote the book to get over the grief of Clinton’s loss) would know — he told me he spent nearly 18 hours a day pouring over polls from all sources when he was writing this book.

It looks like whichever side of the aisle you’re on, and no matter how you dice it, or slice it, James Comey is a creep.  So much for the “straight shooter” with the impeccable reputation. 


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