Former Top Republican Congressman: Sessions MUST GO!

source: MAGA Fan Club

There is no one more loyal that President Donald Trump.  Former senator Jeff Sessions was the first major Republican to board the Trump Train, and now that he’s Attorney General, President Trump remains loyal to him.  That’s why he still has that job.


Despite his insane move to recuse himself from the Russian investigation, President Trump has remained loyal to Sessions and kept him around.   In light of the latest information revealed on the FBI, and their anti-Trump biases, many are calling for Jeff Sessions to go.

Former Utah congressman and former Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and reform, Jason Chaffetz, is now a FOX News contributor, and he is calling to Sessions to step down.


Chaffetz called for Sessions to go in an interview with Lou Dobbs last week, then mentioned it again on FOX and Friends Friday.

Chaffetz told FOX and Friends:

“I got to tell you, and it pains me to say this a little bit, but I don’t think the Attorney General is up to the job that he’s doing he’s absent from this. The reason there’s a special counsel is because he had to recuse himself from everything, and it’s just my own personal opinion I think it’s time for the Attorney General to go, because you need leadership. There’s some deep systemic problems there.

Now, I don’t think there should be a special counsel.  I mean, how’s the first one working out, right?  That’s not going so well.”



Lou Dobbs believes the deep state has some type of dirt, a “file”, on Jeff Sessions, that they are hanging over his head, keeping Sessions from doing is job.

Jason Chaffetz also told Dobbs that “I have sat with Attorney general Sessions in person,  I’ve talked to him on the phone, and in my own personal opinion, I don’t think the Attorney General is up to the job.


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