After Given 3% Chance Of Survival, Alaskan Bush People’s Ami Brown Announces Miracle

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All I can say is wow. Ami Brown beat cancer after her doctors gave her just a 3% chance of survival after diagnosing her with lung cancer.

The family, made famous by the hit show The Alaskan Bush People, was distraught over their mother’s condition and if you have ever seen the show you know how close the family is.

According to People Magazine, which just broke the story, Ami’s just announced that her intense radiation has rid her body of cancer.

When the reality star went in to receive the results of her latest scans, after months of painful treatments, she just knew she had a feeling her luck was about to turn.

“I was expecting great news, I could just feel it.”

The doctors proceeded to tell her that all signs of her cancer, which started in her lungs but spread throughout her chest and back, were gone.

Nothing – clear bill of health.

“The doctors were as shocked as we were,” said an elated husband Billy Brown.

The intense radiation treatments destroyed her appetite and she was a scary 77 lbs, but she’s happy to report that she is eating again and feels great.

“It was so hard just to get to 80 lbs. and then 90, to actually get to 100 was incredible.”

Asked why she decided to open up about her battle she said,

“Just this past week I was thinking back about how very bad I really was. Entering that road was so dark and I was fearful. You hear the words chemo and radiation and you’re staring down that dark road and I want other people to know that it’s petrifying but you need to keep a little light. I hope they can see that I made it through and that gives them hope. It’s very scary but I never gave up hope. You have to stay positive and keep God with you because he really does perform miracles. In fact, I’ve allowed the University of California, Los Angeles to use my medical records for a case study because they hadn’t really run into my situation before. You go to the chemo room and for radiation and there are faces there that you’ve grown used to seeing and then you go in again and they’re not there and it’s really sad. But the care givers fill those rooms with so much sincere love and hope — and that’s food for the soul. God gave me a great gift in them.”

Wow, what a strong and beautiful woman.


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