GOP Rep James Comer Warns ‘Anyone In Business With Bidens’ That They Will Be Investigated


House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) dropped the hammer and said he is prepared to investigate “anyone that was in business with the Bidens,” as his committee gets ready to hold public hearings.

Comer said he wants Hunter Biden’s “bank records” because they shed light on the Biden family’s business practices and possible influence peddling. Comer said:

“Anyone that was in business with the Bidens, that were on these accounts, that were partners in these LLCs, they need to tell everyone exactly what the business was. You got a two-, three-million-dollar wire from this company that’s affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, what service were you providing?

“Because it wasn’t real estate. They weren’t manufacturing anything. What were they doing?

“Right now, we just want the bank records.

“We’re investigating the president.

“This isn’t a Hunter Biden investigation. This is an investigation of the president.”

“If they’re no big deal, then why won’t they let us have access to them?” Comer said of the Treasury department’s refusal to hand over suspicious bank records of the Biden family.

“I would find it very surprising that a bank would file a suspicious activity report on the son of a sitting vice president of the United States unless there had been some type of major violation.”

“This family has made millions of dollars from China.

“If China or anyone pays you billions of dollars, they expect to get a return on that investment. 

‘I don’t know what that return was. 

“We want to find out.

“The administration has had every opportunity to say, ‘look, this is legitimate work.’ 

“If they would explain that then I think a lot of these problems would subside a little bit,” Comer said.


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