Gorsuch Comes Forward, Sends Ruth Ginsburg Running To Retirement With Scathing Take Down


Neil Gorsuch was a great choice by President Trump. Mitch McConnell really earned his job with that delay tactic, much to the left’s chagrin.

Mitch’s clever move to delay replacing Scalia until after the election really enraged the left but remember, if not for Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, Gorsuch would not have been confirmed.

They got rid of the Senate filibuster rule on judges…they did this, not the GOP.

If they had not, the Democrats could have blocked Gorsuch – true Mitch could have removed the filibuster rule for the GOP but he has indicated that he would not and considers such moves a block on Senate power.

So the left, especially Ruth Ginsburg, has to reap what they sowed.

From The Daily Caller:

Ginsburg led the four-justice liberal bloc in dissent, blasting the majority for reviving the so-called yellow dog contract, an antiquated and unlawful stipulation once common to employment agreements, which barred workers from unionizing as a condition of employment. In so doing, she accused the Court of regressing to the infamous Lochner-era, a period in the early 20th century in which a pro-laissez faire majority of the Supreme Court struck down a bevy of progressive legislation, like minimum wage laws or laws banning child labor.

“As I see it, in relatively recent years, the Court’s Arbitration Act decisions have taken many wrong turns,” she wrote. “Yet, even accepting the Court’s decisions as they are, nothing compels the destructive result the Court reaches today.” She then cited a passage from Judge Robert Bork’s 1990 book “The Tempting of America” which reads: “Judges live on the slippery slope of analogies; they are not supposed to ski it to the bottom.”

Gorsuch found Ginsburg’s ominous diagnosis a little bombastic, and said so in as many words.

“Like most apocalyptic warnings, this one proves a false alarm,” Gorsuch wrote, before citing Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Tribe’s 1978 treatise “American Constitutional Law.” “‘Lochnerizing,’” the citation reads “has become so much an epithet that the very use of the label may obscure attempts at understanding.”

In other words, time to retire Ruth and the sooner you do the better off America will be.



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